Application for candidacy:

  1. A written application should be forwarded to the President of ENPP via email ( by January 31, minimum two years prior to the conference in question (Bid for hosting ECPP 2028 should be forwarded by January 31, 2026)
  2. The application should contain an introduction of the organization behind the application; the scientific scope of the conference; an economic overview (please, consult guidelines)

Administrative benchmarks:

  1. Location (PowerPoint with a few slides is warmly recommended – the persons who might be interested to participate should have an overview of where they will come and which « product » they can expect)
  1. Cultural and geographical interest
  2. Originality of the project
  3. A conference venue that allows for social interaction and informal meetings among attendees (hotels equipped for conferences are preferable to universities)
  4. Opportunities to have a central organization (i.e., main conference venue with different hotels nearby, train station and airport easily reachable)
  1. Visa and different kind of administrative procedures have to be carefully considered and rendered as easy to accomplish as possible


  1. The location has to be well served by public transport (train, plane, motorway…)
  2. Local prices have to be acceptable for everybody, particularly for students (transport, hotels, restaurants …)
  3. Fees have to be reasonable

Organization committee (to be constituted before candidacy or immediately after nomination):

  1. A conference team has to be identified
  2. The ENPP President and/or board members should visit the venue and organize a meeting with the local committee to check requirements
  3. The roles have to be defined (the organizer, secretary, webmaster, treasurer, logistician…)
  4. A Schedule has to be established
  5. All costs have to be budgeted for
  6. The organization committee has to regularly inform the ENPP President during the organization process

Board’s decision:

The ENPP Executive board will review applications and notification of decision will be forwarded to the candidates within 3 months after application deadline (For ECPP 2028, end of April 2026).