List of ENPP country representatives (2019)

Philip Streit
Philip StreitAustria
Philip Streit, PhD, is clinical and health psychologist and psychotherapist (Systemic Family Therapy). He is CEO of the Institute for Child, Youth and Family (IKJF) and the Academy for Child, Youth and Family (AKJF), NVR trainer, Director of the Institute for Positive Psychology and Mental Coaching Austria (IPPM), and President of the Austrian Positive Psychology Association (APPA).
Ilios Kotsou
Ilios KotsouBelgium
Ilios Kotsou, PhD in Psychology – Université Libre de Bruxelles. Ilios Kotsou is also an associate researcher at the Chaire Mindfulness, Bien-être et Paix Economique, Grenoble Ecole de Management. Member of Mind & Life Europe, he co-founded the association ‘Emergences’ working towards a more conscious society with greater solidarity and providing funding for humanitarian projects.
Majda Rijavec
Majda RijavecCroatia
Majda Rijavec is Full Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia.She was the memeber of program Committee of the 4 th European Conference on Positive Psychology, Opatija, 2008. Her work is presently focused on academic flow and academic flourishing. She is the coauthor of textbook on Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology at Work.
Alena Slezackova
Alena SlezackovaCzech Republic
Alena Slezackova, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychology at Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic. She is a founder and director of the Czech Positive Psychology Centre (CPPC). Her scientific interests include mainly hope, mental health, and well-being. She is a member of the Advisory Council of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and the Country Representative for the Czech Republic in the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP).
Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara
Lotta Uusitalo-MalmivaaraFinland
Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara, PhD, is a docent and senior lecturer in educational sciences in University of Helsinki. Her research topics cover strength-based learning and students’ happiness. In addition to research articles, she has published several pedagogical books and she is a co-founder of Positive CV, a new versatile assessment tool.
Nicolas Burel
Nicolas BurelFrance
Nicolas Burel, Ph.D., is teacher at the University of Strasbourg and Associate researcher at the Lab. SENS in the University of Grenoble – Alpes. His favorite research topic is Emotional dynamics, which he studies both in an educational and in high-level sport contexts through mix-method models.
Corinna Peifer
Corinna PeiferGermany
Corinna Peifer, PhD, is Junior Professor for Applied Psychology in Work, Health, and Development at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. Her research interests include flow, stress-management and wellbeing. Corinna is founding member of the European Flow-Researchers’ Network (EFRN), and Vice-President of the German Association of Positive Psychology Research (DGPPF). (Photo: @RUB, Kramer)
Anny Benetou
Anny BenetouGreece
Anny Benetou (Msc, Phd) is a trainer and Counseling Psychologist specializing in Positive Psychology. She is lecturer in the MAPPCP of the University of East London in Athens and a guest lecturer in the Master’s program for Positive Psychology in Panteion University Athens. She is an active member of the Hellenic Association for Positive Psychology and responsible for coordinating the training events of the Association.
Tímea Magyaródi
Tímea MagyaródiHungary
Tímea Magyaródi, PhD is an assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. She executes studies about flow (with a highlighted focus on interactive activities), well-being and their personality correlations. During her practical work as a psychologist, she uses the techniques and practices of positive psychology, relaxation and symbol therapy. At the ECPP2018 in Budapest, she was the secretary of the Local Organizing Committee.
Ingrid Kuhlman
Ingrid KuhlmanIceland
Ingrid Kuhlman works as a trainer and consultant for her company Thekkingarmidlun Training and Consulting as well as being the Managing Director. She holds an MA in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a Diploma in Positive Psychology from the University of Iceland. She submitted her Postgraduate Dissertation in September 2018 and aims to finish her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from Buckinghamshire New University in October 2018.
Chiara Ruini
Chiara RuiniItaly
Chiara Ruini, PhD. is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Bologna, Department of Psychology. Since 2006 she has been teaching the course “Clinical Applications of Positive Psychology”.

Chiara Ruini has authored more than 70 articles/chapters published in peer-reviewed international journals/volumes. She published a book entitled “Positive psychology in the Clinical Domains”. Her research interests are concerned with Positive Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology, Positive Youth Development, and Psychotherapy.

Ognen Spasovski
Ognen SpasovskiMacedonia
Dr. Ognen Spasovski is Associate Professor in psychology at the state university in Skopje, where he’s teaching Positive psychology since 2009. His main interest is application of Positive Psychology in the field of education, and specifically quality inclusive education.
Ernst Bohlmeijer
Ernst BohlmeijerThe Netherlands
Ernst Bohlmeijer is a professor in mental health promotion at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He has a special interest in applying and evaluating positive psychology interventions in the context of public mental health and mental health care.
Joar Vittersø
Joar VittersøNorway
Joar Vittersø is a Professor of social psychology at the University of Tromsø, Norway. He holds a MS in social anthropology, a MS and a Ph.D. in social psychology, all from the University of Oslo. Joar’s research interests include the study of conceptual developments in hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing, and he has published on topics such as life satisfaction, positive emotions, intrinsic motivation, and on the relationship between human development and well-being.
Teresa Freire
Teresa FreirePortugal
Teresa Freire is a professor in the School of Psychology in the University of Minho (UMinho), Portugal. She coordinates the Research Team on Positive Development and Optimal Functioning, in the Psychology Research Center (UMinho). Her research interests include positive youth development, leisure, emotion regulation, strengths, positive interventions (individual and group), and the use of real time measures (e.g. Experience Sampling Method). She is founding member of the European Flow-Researchers’ Network (EFRN).
Elena Stănculescu
Elena StănculescuRomania
Elena Stănculescu is a Professor of Psychology, and PhD supervisor at the University of Bucharest. Her research explores the nature of well-being in educational settings, with an emphasis on the contributing role of psychological strenghts use, self-efficacy, and meaning in life students’ and teachers’ for flourishing and successful living.
Dmitry Leontiev
Dmitry LeontievRussia
Dmitry Leontiev Ph.D., Dr. Sc., Professor of psychology, Head of the International laboratory of positive psychology of motivation and personality at Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia. Author of numerous publications, recipient of the Promotional Award of Viktor Frankl Foundation of the city of Vienna (2004), honorary member of Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis by Viktor Frankl Institute (Vienna). Organizer and chair of numerous conferences, including 6th European Conference on Positive Psychology (Moscow, 2012).
Polona Gradišek
Polona GradišekSlovenia
Polona Gradišek, PhD, is an educational and positive psychologist, working as a teacher of future teachers and pedagogues at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana. She is enthusiastic about positive education and focuses in her research on character strengths of teachers, their professional development and well-being of teachers and students. She is kind, optimistic and zestful.
Gonzalo Hervas
Gonzalo HervasSpain
Gonzalo Hervas, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Complutense University, Madrid (Spain). He is also co-editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies. His research is focused on positive psychology interventions, emotion regulation and well-being assessment. In collaboration with Carmelo Vazquez, he has developed the Pemberton Happiness Index, a well-being scale validated in nine nations and seven languages.
Regina Winzer
Regina WinzerSweden
Regina Winzer is an investigator/analyst at the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Unit for Mental Health, Children and Youth. Regina has a special focus on mental health and well-being in young people and in developing instruments for the measurement of positive mental health in the Swedish context. She is also a PhD-student at the Karolinska Institutet, Department of Public Health Sciences. Her research project is on (Positive) mental health and mental ill-health in young people, ages 16 – 29 years.
Lisa Wagner
Lisa WagnerSwitzerland
Lisa Wagner is a research and teaching assistant the University of Zurich at the department of Personality and Assessment (Prof. Dr. W. Ruch) who focuses on children’s and adolescents’ character strengths and their significance in contexts that are highly relevant to their development, such as schools and peer groups in her PhD research. She also enjoys teaching positive psychology in seminars and the post-graduate continuing education course (Certificate of Advanced Studies in Positive Psychology) at the University of Zurich, which she also coordinates.
Piers Worth
Piers WorthUnited Kingdom / England
Piers Worth Ph.D. is a ‘Reader’ (Associate Professor) in Psychology at Bucks New University. Piers is a Chartered Psychologist and accredited Psychotherapist. He co-leads the MAPP programme, which is now in its 7th year. Piers’ specialist interests are positive psychology, and separately, creativity and the links to ageing well.

List of ENPP country representatives, 2019

Country Name E-mail
Austria Philip Streit
Belgium Ilios Kotsou
Bosnia Herzegovina
Croatia Majda Rijavec
Czech Republic Alena Slezackova
Denmark Nina Tange
Finland Lotta Uusitalo Malmivaara
France Nicolas Burel
Germany Corinna Peifer
Greece Anny Benetou
Hungary Tímea Magyaródi
Iceland Ingrid Kuhlman
Ireland Jolanta Burke
Italy Chiara Ruini
Macedonia Ognen Spasovski
Netherlands, the Ernst Bohlmeijer
Norway Joar Vittersø
Portugal Teresa Freire
Romania Elena Stanculescu
Russia Dmitry Leontiev
Scotland Elaine Duncan
Slovenia Polona Gradisek
Spain Gonzalo Hervás Torres
Sweden Regina Winzer
Switzerland Lisa Wagner
United Kingdom Piers Worth